This Optimized Life

Time.  We can never get it back.  Once it has passed, it has passed.  Pure and simple, this journal is a collection of ideas that can be used to claw back your time from the unimportance of nearly everything, and instead spend it on what matters most.


My background is that I am a Certified Financial Planner, the owner of a financial planning firm, and a real estate investor.  I am married and currently have a young son.  We live in a small town just outside of Portland, Oregon in the gorgeous outdoor wonderland of the Willamette Valley.

The Journal Material

Due to my own interests and my background, the content of this journal will include plenty of material on financial independence and living intentionally.  In my own life, I strive to find ways to continually free up time and resources to be able to pursue what is most important.  I thoroughly enjoy this way of learning and growth and have decided to log much of what I learn so that others may perhaps benefit as well.

Some ideas will be simple, such as small items to purchase, or to throw out, to improve your day to day life.  Other ideas will be more in depth in nature, and may include potential financial strategies for increased income, reduction of taxes, or other detailed, life-optimizing strategies.


Due to my role as a fiduciary financial planner, I must stress that any ideas that are offered on this site do not constitute individual advice or a financial planning relationship.  I do not know your specific situation.  I do not know your life circumstances.  The material offered here is simply a compilation of ideas.  You are responsible for determining whether or not the ideas are a good fit for your own situation and I encourage you to speak with a professional who can get to know your specific circumstances and help guide you.